About Lind Marine

Working the San Francisco Bay Since 1906.


Lind Marine is proud to provide premier marine and shipyard services throughout the San Francisco Bay, Mare Island, and the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers.

We specialize in handling and moving bulk materials for the construction and agricultural industries, dredging projects of any size and marine environmental remediation.

Starting in the oyster shell business in 1906, we have grown to become a full service dredging, barge and tug company, with more than 25 barges and 6 tugboats.

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Meet our Management Team

Jon Slangerup

Jon joined Lind Marine as CEO in January 2022. He has over 40 years of leadership experience in private equity, maritime services and transportation logistics, including serving as CEO of the Port of Long Beach and President of FedEx Canada. He is a trustee of his alma mater, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and holds BS Aeronautics and MBA degrees.

Christian Lind

Christian Lind has served as President of Lind Marine since 2000 and has over 30 years of operating and leadership experience in the maritime industry. Christian, along with his brother Aaron, represents third generation Lind family management and is primarily focused on the commercial development and expansion of the business.

Aaron Lind

SVP of Infrastructure & Product Development
Aaron Lind has served as SVP of Infrastructure & Product Development or in equivalent roles since 2000. He has over 30 years of operating and leadership experience in the maritime industry. Aaron, along with his brother Christian, represents third generation Lind family management and is primarily focused on fleet and equipment infrastructure development and industrial products.

Shawn Ford

Shawn Ford joined Lind Marine as CFO in May 2022 and has over 19 years of corporate finance and operational leadership experience in transportation logistics and information technology. Shawn is focused on continuous improvement of Lind Marine’s business planning and performance, financial controls and reporting, information systems, and process discipline. Shawn holds a BS in Business from Sonoma State University and an MBA in Finance and Strategy from Purdue University.

Skyler Coleman

VP of Operations
Skyler Coleman has served as VP of Marine Operations since 2021 and has been with Lind Marine for over 15 years. He is principally responsible for Marine Services (dredging, construction, salvage, and environmental remediation) as well as Shipyard Operations (vessel maintenance, repair, and new-build vessel construction).

Bill Butler

VP of Operations Services, ESG Programs & Compliance
Bill Butler has served as VP Operations Services, ESG Programs & Compliance or equivalent positions since 2012, and has over 25 years of general management and leadershp experience in maritime services, building materials and regulatory compliance. He holds a BS in Mining Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, and attended Stanford University’s Executive Leadership Program.

Steve Dirkes

General Manager of Moose Boats
Steve Dirkes is Vice President and General Manager of Moose Boats, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lind Marine which designs, manufactures and markets custom special-purpose vessels built for mission-critical military and government deployments. Steve has been leading Moose Boats since 2015 and has over 21 years of leadership experience in maritime operations and financial management. Steve holds a BA from UC Berkeley, is a CFA charter holder, and has a 100 ton USCG captain’s license.

Lind Marine Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our services in a safe, sound, and wise manner for the benefit of our customers, neighbors, employees, and the environment – and to continue to build on a century of family and corporate responsibility in delivering bulk products, on land or by river, to the construction and agricultural industries.

Lind Marine has been a family operated company since 1906. Its tugboats and barges ply the San Francisco Bay and its tributaries, delivering bulk products in a cost-effective and environmentally safe manner to its customers. Lind Marine’s highly trained workforce makes safety the top priority.


Lind Marine has its roots in a company called Agricultural Lime and Compost, founded nearly a century ago.

Over the years, Agricultural Lime and Compost underwent several expansions and name changes to become the company it is today, providing a diverse array of marine services. Oyster shell mining and milling remain a strong part of our business. Processed shells are shipped to agricultural customers throughout the United States, Canada, and the Pacific Rim.  

In the 1980s, Lind Marine (then known as Jerico Products) expanded into a marine towing and barging company. We began using our special expertise to barge outsized art sculptures, too large to transport on most highways, to San Francisco Bay ports. The massive sculptures were then shipped all over the world. Later, Lind Marine barges began supplying sand to the construction industry in Northern California. Today, we barge half a million tons a year into Bay Area counties.

For the last several years, Lind Marine tugs and barges have moved pre-stressed concrete bridge structures from a manufacturing site on the Petaluma River to bridge and highway structures all over the Bay Area. Annually, Lind Marine transports in excess of a million tons of sand, aggregate and gypsum for construction and infrastructure companies in Northern California.