Tug & Barge Services

Lind Marine provides tugboat and barging services throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize in handling and moving large structures and bulk materials, including: sand, gravel, gypsum, agricultural soil amendments, and concrete structures. 

Fleet Overview

Lind Marine operates a fleet of 6 Tugboats and 22 Barges. 

Our fleet includes the largest bulk materials barge on the West Coast and a barge with an attached 140 tone crane. Our smaller barges and custom offloading capabilities enable us to serve even the most shallow and hard to reach ports, docks and terminals. 

Our experienced crew can get your bulk materials to their destination, efficiently and cost effectively. 

Credit: Clay Coleman / Nova Sky Stories

With our custom offloading process and the mighty Peter Lind, the West Coast's largest barge, we conquer every challenge.

Our Equipment

Equipment available for charter or hire. Please contact us for more details.