Dry Dock & Shipyard Services

Lind Marine Shipyard provides a full range of shipyard services, including ship maintenance, repairs and refits for barges, tugboats, commercial marine, fishing and recreational vessels. 


Dry dock and shipyard services encompass essential activities for ships and maritime vessels. They involve dry docking, enabling thorough inspections, maintenance, and repairs, focusing on hull and underwater components. Services also include routine maintenance, repairs, conversions, new construction, refits, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Lind Marine prioritizes environmental considerations, fabrication, and safety. 

We offer: 

– Full Service Shipyard Located at Berths 16-18 on Mare Island in Vallejo, California

– 400 ft. x 80 ft. Graving Dock

– 2,000 Linear Feet of Pier

– 300 Ton Railway Crane, 230 Ton Crawler Crane, 3 Mobile RT Cranes 30 Ton – 60 Ton Capacities

– Mechanical, Electrical and Welding Services

– Electrical Power and Hydraulic Controls Trouble-shooting and System Installations

– Fully Equipped Shop for Parts Fabrication

– ABS Certified Welders- Experienced in Steel and Aluminum

– Specializing in Subchapter M Compliance Haul-outs, COI Haul-outs

– On-site Naval Architect and Project Management Services

– Serving all Commercial Marine, Fishing and Recreational Vessel Owners & Operators



Our experienced service engineers are dedicated to excellence in every vessel we service. We are committed to building strong, lifelong customer relationships, built on honesty and value.

Our Services

More details here on the shipyard services we offer: 

Dry Dock Services

  • 400 feet long
  • 80 feet wide

Crane Services

  • D-7 CRANE: Certified at 137.5 tons or 273,000 lbs
  • Grove 165-ton Rough Terrain


  • Secure pierside berthing space
  • Up to 2000 ft available