Salvage, Demolition & Disposal

Lind Marine employs environmentally friendly techniques for the responsible retrieval of salvage and waste materials from waterways spanning the entire Pacific West Coast of the United States. 


Lind Marine’s Salvage Division is a leader in the San Francisco Bay, Delta and surrounding waterways specializing in sunken vessels and barges recovery, removal and proper disposal of abandoned and derelict vessels and in-situ demolition of vessels and marine debris. Lind Marine has specialized equipment including derrick barges, pedestal mounted E-Crane barges, Sennebogen excavator barges and deck barges all with shallow drafts unique to the Bay Area allowing access to otherwise unreachable salvage targets. Additionally, Lind Marine’s dry dock has a 140 ton D7 Railway Crane, located on the old naval facility of Mare Island in Vallejo, CA, which offers the unique ability to decommission and scrap large tugs and barges inside full containment protecting the environment.

Our salvage division’s mission is to remove vessels, barges and marine debris that may cause a threat to health and human safety, navigational waterways and the environment. Lind Marine has removed and properly disposed of over 250 vessels, thousands of tons of marine debris such as creosote piles and hundreds of thousands of gallons of hydrocarbons, Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), asbestos, lead-based paint, marine batteries and other hazmat commonly found on vessels. Lind Marine is proud of this accomplishment and continues this effort ensuring safer, and cleaner Bay Area waterways for all to enjoy.

Our capabilities include:

– Salvage of Submerged Boats, Ships, Barges, Docks, Piers and Other Structural Debris

– DebrisCargo Recovery

– Safe Removal and Proper Disposal of Spillage and Other Hazardous Materials

– Thorough Environmental Remediation of the Impacted Area

– Compliance with Local Regulations

– Emergency Response



Comprehensive solutions, eco-friendly practices, and swift response - at Lind Marine, we offer it all.

Our Equipment

Equipment is available for charter or hire . Please contact us for more details.