Safety First

Everyone at Lind Marine is expected to recognize the need to practice “Safety First” when engaged in any task. We believe that a job is well done, only when it is done safely. Our safety policies and procedures are always subject to amendment, whenever an employee has a suggestion for a better way.

We recognize that only by taking personal responsibility as well as working together, can we protect ourselves, each other and the people we serve.

We Are Committed to Safety

Your safety is our first priority.

Lind Marine is committed to safety in everything we do. In addition to following federal and local laws and regulations required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the US Coast Guard and the US Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), we have developed an internal safety program. This program supplements these laws and regulations and provides additional protection for our employees, the environment, and the communities that we work in.

All Lind Marine employees are expected to give their full support to our company’s effort to follow safe practices. We provide safety training for new employees, which is updated several times per year. We believe that accidents are preventable by establishing and following safe working procedures, exercising good judgment, and using common sense.