Lind Marine Shipyard Services Lind Marine provides shipyard services, including ship maintenance, repairs and refits for barges and tugboats plying the San Francisco Bay and Delta, and the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. Our experienced service engineers are dedicated to excellence in every vessel we service. We stand behind our work and are committed to […]

Removal and Scrapping of Sailboats, Lynden, CA – Sean Alexander Marine JUNE 2017 Removed and disposed of multiple abandoned sailboats in Sacramento River delta utilizing eCrane and Sonnee Delight Barge outfitted with Sennebogen mobile material handler.

Mare Island Dry Dock Dredging Performed on an Annual Basis Lind Marine performs dry dock dredging for Mare Island on an annual basis. Excavated dredge materials are loaded onto closed bottom hopper barges for transport to the Winter Island Disposal site. All of the engines aboard the Dredge Mink are CARB registered and, where applicable, […]

Napa River Maintenance Dredging Performed on an Annual Basis Napa River Maintenance DredgingLocation: Downtown Napa South of 1st Street BridgeOwner: City of NapaContact: Ahtna Construction Description:Lind Marine provided clamshell dredging and removal of 20,000+ cubic yards of dredge material from the Napa River adjacent to downtown businesses South of the 1st Street Bridge. Dredging was […]

Removal & Scrapping of 7 Lash Barges at Port of West Sacramento – Global Diving JUNE 2017 Provided salvage services and removal/disposal for multiple abandoned lash barges partially sunken within Port of West Sacramento. Phase 1 completed December 2016. Phase 2- T/B completed in Q2 2017.

October 2016 Provided salvage operation on emergency basis for sunken Contra Costa Co Sheriff patrol boat in San Pablo Bay. Raised 27T catamaran vessel with Ecrane pick onto deck of Gretajean LIND crane Barge.

Multiple Salvage Operations for Lash Barge and Pipeline Removal Projects 2013 – 2018

October 2014 Lind Marine provided demolition services for a Hornblower Cruises barge located in the Berkley Marina. This barge was formerly used to prepare food for the excursion vessels moored nearby. This marine environmental remediation project involved a floating debris boom to contain any floating debris that broke loose of the barge during demolition. After […]

July 2013 Lind Marine provided material transport and vessel services for this environmental remediation project in San Francisco Bay. The project involved isolating sediment containing lead shot by mechanically dredging to remove a minimum of the top 1.5 feet of sediment and installing a protective cover over the sediment remaining in place. The remedy also […]