Lind Marine is proud to announce it has launched an entire NEW FLEET of marina and homeowner dredging equipment. Providing services throughout the San Francisco Bay and Delta, and the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, since 1906. Lind Marine Added Capabilities Please call Lind Marine at 707-762-7251 for all dredging inquiries or through our Contact […]

The Marine Science Institute in Redwood City, worked long and hard to secure permits for the environmental reconstruction of their beach. While the permitting process took much longer than expected, the Institute was please to have Lind Marine complete the restoration of the beach in time for Spring boaters to enjoy easier and safer access to the water. […]

Blu Harbor Marina Dredging APRIL 2019 The launch of a new fleet of marina and homeowner dredging equipment has enabled Lind Marine to reach smaller, shallower areas which many other dredge operators are unable to service. Lind Marine’s recent marina dredging project at Blu Harbor in Redwood City California, was centered around the maintenance of […]

The Harbor Queen is a Red and White Fleet 300 passenger ship that offers dining for 80. It typically can be seen cruising along the San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf with a load of happy tourists. But now, for a short while, the boat can be seen getting its regular Coast Guard Inspection and a fresh paint job, […]

Port of Stockton Pile Driving NOVEMBER 2018 Lind Marine driving piling at the Port of Stockton Nov, 29 2018. The piles are 100’ long, 44” diameter, 1.44” wall, 75,000 pounds each and had to be driven to exact tolerances. Very difficult project, and the crew did a perfect job, as usual.

Petaluma’s Longest Park September 2018 Pile driving supplied by Lind Marine made the construction of Petaluma’s, The Floathouse, possible.  Construction began in mid-September with the installation of the seven pilings that will secure this unique small craft rental center to the bottom of the Petaluma River. It is an exciting new downtown destination for those […]

Dry Dock Now Open at Lind Marine Shipyard JUNE 2018 Lind Marine’s ability to take on large ship repair and construction projects increased dramatically with the recent addition of a newly renovated dry dock facility and supporting services. The dry dock takes an hour to flood and an hour to pump dry. The maiden flooding […]

Berkeley Marina Ship Raising April 2018 On April 21st 2018 the Chloe Marie was raised from the marina floor of the Berkeley Marina by Lind Marine. It had been sitting there since October 22 2015.

Lind Marine Builds Ultra-Efficient Floating Data Center for Nautilus Data Technologies March 2018 Lind Marine is currently completing a state of the art data center on a barge for Nautilus Data Technologies. The project includes installation of a pre-fabricated steel, two-story super-structure on deck of a 55’ x 210’ barge and an extensive raw-water intake […]