PG&E Electrical Tower Emergency Repair

Lind Marine Assists PG&E with Emergency Repairs of Napa River Electrical Towers

In November 2020, Lind Marine Incorporated, was contracted by Ballard Marine Construction to provide dredging, disposal and sheet pile construction in support of an emergency repair for a PG&E electrical tower carrying overhead lines adjacent to the Napa River in Dutchman Slough off Hwy 37.

Lind Marine is currently providing 32,000 cu yards of dredging and disposal and is in process of constructing a 600 ft sheet pile containment wall at the tower repair site.

Lind Marine is utilizing a 235T 888 Manitowoc deck mounted crane for sheet pile construction and a spud barge outfitted with 830 Sennebogen Material handler with 3.0 yard clamshell bucket for dredging.

The video and gallery photos show the Lind Marine “Einstein” working to drive steel sheets into the bank to stabilize the slopes, while the “Digby” is dredging an area for crane barges to stage so new electrical towers can be built.