City of Antioch LASH House Barge Salvage 2022

In 2022 Lind Marine, LLC. (LMI) was awarded contract for the removal and proper disposal of an old abandoned naval Lighter Aboard Ship (LASH) Barge and collapsing house that had been built on top.  The first step was to remove and dispose of the house which was accomplished utilizing LMI 850 Sennebogen excavator spud barge with grapple. The debris was then transloaded into high side dump trucks pier side at LMI shipyard for proper disposal at landfill.

The second phase was for divers to broco torch cut the LASH barge into 3 sections as re-floating  was not an option due to its dilapidated condition and shallow waters.  Once complete LMI Einstein Crane barge with Manitowoc 888 crane picked each section out of the water landing them on LMI deck materials barge for transit to scrap yard where they were again crane picked off and landed on the hard.

The project was completed on budget and with zero incidents and highlights LMI salvage division’s capability and equipment to tackle challenging situations.