Revolutionizing Dredging: Lind Marine’s E-Dredge Makes History on USACE Contract

Ray Bergeron from Cablearm Buckets nominated Lind Marine for a front page feature in the latest issue of World Dredging Magazine.

The article highlights the success of our new Cablearm bucket and the Greta-Jean Lind, being the first-ever “E-Dredge” to be employed on the Redwood City Maintenance Dredging contract.

In less than 22 days, Lind Marine’s “Greta-Jean Lind” E-Dredge removed over 85,000 cubic yards of mud and placed the sediment at the new Eden’s Landing Shallow Water Disposal Site for beneficial reuse.

Swinging a level-close Cable Arm bucket, the 1200-series E-Dredge was able to exceed estimated production while utilizing 70% less horsepower than similar-sized machines. Click here to read more about it on pages 18-19).


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